Lest We Forget-Reviewing the events of October 7,2023

Lest We Forget-Reviewing the events of October 7,2023

It is six months since the horrific attacks by Hamas against the people of Israel began on October 7, 2023. In these past six months, two types of strategic assaults are being waged, relentlessly. The military campaigns and the information/psyop campaigns. 

The responses to these strategies have revealed the extent and depth of anti-semitism in our world, and the persistent irrational hatred of the state of Israel. Underneath the veil of tolerance and inclusion is the brutal truth of bigotry, intolerance and obsessive lust for the annihilation of this young nation by an increasing number of people who seem to have forgotten, or never learned the lessons of World War II.

The sophisticated struggle for control of the “narrative” and the insidious mission creep of terrorist organizations is also on display, online, all the time for the world to view. Terrorist acts are “justified” no matter how heinous. Perpetrators are framed as “victims”. Statistics and events are spewed across news sites without credible sources, actual triangulation or fact checks. Fanatical jihadis are glorified in some news outlets. Their barbarous acts are live streamed, videoed and praised openly online throughout the mainstream and dark net sites.

The word genocide is carelessly thrown into discussions, to divert focus from the actual reasons for the war against Hamas. Hamas planned and executed a murderous strike against all sectors of Israeli society. They captured women, girls, babies, boys and men of all ages to use as hostages. They raped, tortured, mutilated, shot and burned hundreds of Israelis and foreign nationals.

Hamas refused to accept negotiations for a peaceful way to return those hostages who are still alive and those bodies they still hold in Gaza-including citizens from the USA, UK, Argentina, Germany, France, Thailand, Nepal, Tanzania, Russia, Sri Lanka and Ukraine.

Enemies of Israel continue to shoot rockets and missiles into Israel on a daily basis. Hamas consistently uses any civilians left in Gaza as human shields. Hamas has demonstrated they have no good will toward any compromise offered by Israel and other countries mediating negotiations, including Muslim countries.

Israel’s acts are scrutinized and demonized no matter how carefully they try to respond and minimize actual civilian harm. 

The small country of Israel is held to a higher and different standard than any of the major powers who have been involved in wars in the last 75 years. No country involved in an ongoing war has ever been required to supply aid to their enemy as Israel has been pressured to do.

Having just returned from Israel, I can recount my observations after being given the opportunity to visit and volunteer on kibbutzes on the Israeli/Gazan border and the Israeli/Syrian border. Previous to this visit, the last time I was in Israel was in March of 2018, as part of a US DOS (Department of State) Negotiation Education project in advance of the USA moving its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Much has changed in the past six years both in the infrastructure and the atmosphere. While there is a tension and grief in the air, there is also a sense of strength and a force to focus on unity.

There are visible efforts to rebuild and re-navigate the wounded nation. From all sectors-religious, military, health, education, media and even the arts-we can witness a commitment to adapt-painful though it may be for most who grew comfortable after the Intifadas, and those who refused to believe that their neighbors were fully supporting the destruction of Israel, and the torture and murder of Israelis, of any and every age-be they Jewish, Christian, Druze, Bahai, secular or Muslim.

Repainted wall after Hamas attacked the Sderot police station, and civilians on October 7,2023

Perhaps one positive consequence of the response by the IDF (Israeli Defense Force) to the attacks by Hamas is the revelation and exposure of how embedded and supportive of terrorism and criminality the supposedly “neutral humanitarian” NGOs and the United Nations relief and refugee programs are. They knew and aided and/or covered up the heinous activities, indoctrination, weaponization of Gaza and the West Bank by Hamas, the PA (Palestinian Authority) and other Islamic jihadi groups. They channeled billions of dollars into terrorist efforts, funded “martyr benefits”, underground tunnel networks, resources to train children to become jihadis, provided curriculum which instilled and rewarded hatred of Jews and other “infidels”, enriched the coffers of Hamas and Hezbollah leaders, and saturated commercial media with their propaganda and twisted narratives.

The Soros organization tentacles via OSUN (Open Society University Network) and their Open Society, funded and trained disrupters through political actions against the Israeli government. OSUN activated students in the multiple campuses of Al Quds university with its home base in Abu Dis, Jerusalem. They turned a blind eye and/or allied with Hamas and the Palestinian Authority who carried on with former PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization) leaders and convicted terrorists. Their extensive reach through media outlets, international academic and judicial players pushed for massive protests against Israel and full support of Hamas’s attacks and tactics.

Their founder, George Soros and his family, are of Jewish ancestry but they are overtly antisemitic and anti-America. Having worked with OSUN and the Open Society in Armenia and through Al Quds/Bard university until 2022, I know first hand their agendas.

Very few of the pundits on all media platforms have lived or worked in Gaza, Israel or the West Bank at any time in their life. Even fewer know either Hebrew or Arabic, or both languages. They continue to parrot whatever the daily narrative dictates. They don’t want to illuminate the actual issues with the facts. And there are numerous, complex issues to sort out.

Lest we forget the lessons of history and the horrors perpetrated on innocent people in Israel just six months ago, a place is set aside in Tel Aviv out in the open for family members of the hostages and visitors to share in prayer, greater understanding and expressions through art and music. The suffering caused by the continued terrorist actions against Israel is on display. It is called, “Hostage Square” (in English). Here is a short video of one of the collage/sculptures I found particularly eloquent and compelling.

As Muslims get ready to celebrate Eid since Ramadan finishes this week, and Jews prepare for Passover in the last week of April, 2024, let us pray and hope for a complete exorcising of Hamas and it’s minions. A cease of terror on all sides. Especially for the children and the next generations. Let us always keep them in mind.

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