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About Jo Patti Munisteri

Intrepid Explorer of inner and outer worlds. Jo is an educator, a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner, was a Sundancer, a certified combat analyst,a student of martial arts, and an avid hiker, choreographer/dancer and swimmer.  

Jo is a mother of a son and a daughter- Denali and Sequoia Schmidt, and former wife of the late USAF PJ, mountain guide and climber Martin W. Schmidt.

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Rave Reviews

Vanessa O'Brien-World class mountaineer, explorer

This incredible memoir takes us to places we are unlikely to travel to and gives us insights into situations we are unlikely to experience unless we worked in covert operations for government agencies. The book is written in first person, so despite when these events actually took place, the reader feels very much as if events are unfolding as they are being read. The author has a knack for highlighting and explaining things along the way, such as why communism doesn't work. I also really appreciated her sense of irony such as this phrase, "the team posed taking pictures in front of instruments of torture and weapons displayed." The book is filled with intrigue, information, and casts a light on human behavior. Loved it.

Jan 4, 2023
Dr. Robert W. Calhoun, MD USAF - deployed to Afghanistan 2016

"I have not had the privilege of meeting many people of Joanne's caliber. She is a dedicated, intelligent, engaging, kind and compassionate woman with a zest for life and a drive to improve the world around her. She is an excellent teacher, and she learns as easily as she teaches. She took a great deal of interest in the work I did when we treated patients together, (on the NATO base in Afghanistan) and she asked as many questions as she answered while she was teaching me. I find her zest for learning to be a refreshing change from most of academia and the health care community."

Jan 4, 2023
Ms. Hasmik Mikayelyan-Cultural/Education Specialist USA embassy in Yerevan, Armenia

"Joanne is dedicated to effective performance and high quality work. Her goal is not to waste resources but to reach maximum results with the limited resources available. Joanne is not the type to need hand-holding, on the contrary she has volunteered her own time to help others."

Cultural and Education Affairs Specialist, Public Affairs Office, US Embassy in Armenia 2008-2010
Jan 4, 2023


Expert geopolitical analysis
Insightful writer
Experienced educator and trainer
Successful work in conflict zones
Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner
Published poet and poetry reader
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