Jihadi Generations-Strategies Used for Weaponizing Children-Part 1

Jihadi Generations-Strategies Used for Weaponizing Children-Part 1

Jihadi Generations Part 1 Violent extremist groups are using all methods possible to wage a successful long-term campaign using children.  These groups infiltrate existing systems, threaten and radicalize important players, use extreme forms of violence to attack those they perceive as non-compliant. No foundation of society is off limits be it:  hospitals, schools, religious organizations, legal institutions, law enforcement, orphanages, charities, sports, businesses, transportation, recreation or communication sites.  Every means is justified for their stated aim of a worldwide Islamic caliphate under Sharia law. 

The scope of this phenomenon has increased in the past decade, however the methods implemented were developed and refined during and after World War II.   No child is left behind if they can be exploited.

Photos below are released by Islamic State on ISIS' preferred anonymous file sharing website- JustPaste.it - (December 2014- December 2016)

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Jihadi Generations Part 1

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