Body Blows to Female Rights in America: Executive Order Delivers A Knockout

Body Blows to Female Rights in America: Executive Order Delivers A Knockout

The past decade of focus on “trans rights” and “gender identity” instead of the scientific, biological facts of the two sexes for identification of which gender is which, has resulted in the diminishment of female rights, opportunities, visibility and justice.

The arduous path to recognize and establish women’s rights, including the right to vote and participate in government, the right to equal opportunities in education, sports, and job possibilities, is being erased year by year for the upcoming generation of females in the United States. 

This is terribly ironic considering the United States has used its position as a world leader for human rights and particularly the rights of women, to push for change in other countries and to castigate other nation’s governments for not implementing these rights in their societies.

No matter what the spin by commercial media about the Biden administration “caring and deeply concerned” about the rights of females, all the legislation promoted by the Biden-Harris executive branch is choking and body slamming the historical, hard won rights of women and girls. Their policies have already resulted in grievous physical and emotional harm to girls and women in sports, economic harm and lost job opportunities for women by claiming that “trans women” qualify as actual females and in fact are given priority in hiring and branding since they are considered a “protected minority”.

Biological males can simply declare they are “trans” to displace and replace actual biological females, but few legislators, educators, parents and religious leaders or women’s groups are standing up to protect girls and women from this wave of harassment and misogyny.

The ones who do are sucker punched on social media, subjected to lawfare, labeled as being “transphobic” and often deliberately denied a voice if they dare to point out the gender dysphoria and injustice associated with this deranged agenda. This movement insists everyone must accept men as women simply because of their personal pronouncement of a new “identity”.

Yet, how is affirming and self identifying as the “other” gender when you are biologically born with physical genitalia, hormones and genes which clearly show you what gender you are, contributing to your personal mental health, your family, community, or societal well being, or your understanding of reality?

In fact, while females who think they are “trans” may be urged to go on hormone blockers as young as twelve years old, and are counseled to continue transition by having their emerging breasts cut off as young as fifteen years old-often this confusion as to their gender, is mostly just a fleeting insecurity or a dramatic response to the struggles of puberty.

Females will not be able to have a surgically constructed penis and scrotum until they are eighteen years old, which involves taking skin from other parts of their body (mostly from arms and/or legs) to become “trans males”. In the meantime, a significant number of biological females change their minds about wanting to transition to be a “trans male”. They regret the procedures that have changed their lives forever. Life in society as a “trans male” seems to be less appealing and more difficult than those who say they want to be “trans women”.

75% of males who identify as “trans women” do not have their genitals cut off or get breast implants. While they may grow their hair longer or wear a wig, the vast majority do not receive hormone therapy but simply adopt hairstyles, makeup and clothing to declare their “femininity”. They are incapable of reproducing (getting pregnant, giving birth or having menstrual cycles) and feeding infants. They will never be able to change their testosterone and estrogen levels naturally but will need HRT (Hormone replacement therapy) for the rest of their lives to maintain a lower testosterone level and experience some secondary female sexual characteristics such as less facial hair growth, higher voice and more body fat. However, their body composition percentages will hardly change.

“Males are faster, stronger, and have greater endurance capacity. Male physiology underpins their better athletic performance including increased muscle mass and strength, stronger bones, different skeletal structure, better adapted cardiorespiratory systems, and early developmental effects on brain networks that wires males to be inherently more competitive and aggressive. 

Testosterone secreted before birth, postnatally, and then after puberty is the major factor that drives these physiological sex differences, and as adults, testosterone levels are ten to fifteen times higher in males than females.”

From the National Library of Medicine Article entitled: Transwoman Elite Athletes: Their Extra Percentage Relative to Female Physiology.

Passing legislation cannot negate nature and human physiology simply by instituting policies and laws. The “Equality Act” in essence, changes the entire playing field in all sectors of society for girls and women. It creates further inequality by recognizing first those who are stronger, taller, broader, have more testosterone and ability to shove themselves into any place, group, organization, competition, ceremony, prison or dressing room on the basis of their ambition or misguided or deranged beliefs. It negates the natural development of human beings.

In the 20th century, women fought fiercely for their rights. They were able to take one step forward in most arenas-in education, in sports, in commerce, in politics and in the eyes of the law.

The 21st century is less than 25 years into its hundred year span. Already, the rights of women in America have been forced two steps backward. Before the backslide continues, as it may with the glamorization of Islamist ideologies which diminish females and their rights in society, and trans humanism which erases both genders to merge humans with machines, we must rouse ourselves from every comfortable corner, stand up, strike out and secure a truly equitable and healthy future for the coming generations of both females and males.

Here is a link to the full article and photos on my substack.

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