Traveler Between Worlds-Releasing Soon*

Traveler Between Worlds-Releasing Soon*

"Traveler Between Worlds" by Jo Patti Munisteri is an awe-inspiring odyssey that transcends the boundaries of time, culture, and the human spirit. In this riveting memoir, Jo's remarkable journeys unfold as a kaleidoscope of profound encounters and transformative events.

From her participation in the VETS program, where she explores the healing power of plant medicine in Mexico, to being a Sundancer on the Lakota and Menominee reservations; Jo's narrative delves deep into the portals of consciousness and sacred ceremonies.

Her winter training with the Shaolin at the Yun Tai International Martial Arts Training Center in Henan, China adds another dimension to her unique experiences, blending martial discipline with personal insight.

Amidst the chaos of war and the aftermath of conflict, Jo describes her work in Kurdistan after the invasion of Daesh/ISIS and her deployment on HKIA Military base in Afghanistan.These chapters provides a stark contrast to her work and travel in the peaceful countries of Malta, Nepal and Thailand.

From remote Alaska to remote Australia, "Traveler Between Worlds" offers a unique glimpse into stories of courageous individuals and mysterious escapades.

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