Rediscovering Basic Instincts

Rediscovering Basic Instincts

What is an instinct and is it different from an intuition?   The common usage of the word instinct is:

  1. An inborn pattern of activity or tendency to action common to a given biological species.
  2. A natural or innate impulse, inclination, or tendency or a natural aptitude or gift.
  3. Spontaneous reaction to a stimulus based on the will to survive, to socialize and to reproduce.These three categories are often designated as the three basic human instincts common to all human beings. They encompass maternal instincts, sexual instincts, safety/warning instincts, feeling when someone or some situation "feels right" as well as "feels wrong". They are within us, although they are filtered by our previous experiences and even our ancestral experiences (epigenetics). They are also affected and influenced by our environment (s).  Instincts can be refined, honed over time or dulled and diminished. To be clear,  our instincts require our attention and we need to use them or we will bury and “lose them”.

There is an increasing reliance on everything tech for analysis, prediction and decision-making.  However, the cultivation and refinement of instincts has been neglected and even denigrated in contemporary society. It is rare you find a child or adult (especially in western nation cities) who has their instincts intact or developed.  Why is this?

What do we lose when we dismiss or dull our "gut" instincts?  What do we miss when we succumb to the narratives of pop psychology or the narrow corridors of western science in regards to identifying and "harnessing" our basic human instincts?  This week I call your attention to this aspect of our human nature that many are encouraged to "tame" and/or our peril.

We have within our power, instincts for protection, for nurturing, for warning, for love, for mating and for the time nearing our, or our adversaries death. Our intuition and instincts are one of our most precious treasures, but they must not be kept under lock, key and cover in contemporary society.

As we enter the month of November-a month to reflect and learn more about "Native American" culture in the USA-it is important to remember the Indigenous cultures of North and South America have much to offer in terms of cultivating and recognizing basic instincts.  The ceremonies of tribes such as the Lakota, Hopi, Menominee, Dineh, Ute, Cheyenne and Apache have ceremonies to elicit and expand our abilities in the areas of intuition, instinct and communication between realms or "worlds" and among all living creatures. I mention these tribes because I have first hand knowledge of these few, but there are over 200 tribes in the North American continent and each have their own particular customs and language.

Certainly other Indigenous cultures such as Australian Aboriginal, the Maori, Iban, Bidayuh (Borneo), Siberian and Mongolian shamanic communities have ceremonies for those deemed “ready and worthy” to meet the tribe’s requirements.

The Shaolin and other specialized ancient martial arts cultures (including the infamous Ninjas) have their own protocols, laws and rituals.  I prefer to write my posts based on at least some first hand knowledge. I focus on these tribes in this post because I have lived, worked and/or participated in ceremonies with these peoples.

“Western Civilization” is out of balance

The “western” civilization culture of 2021 is in conflict with the traditions and values of many Indigenous peoples. The societal structures of the last 200+ years which include public schooling, separating generations and families, commercialized medicine, expansion of communication technologies, sophisticated/manipulative marketing, central governmental controls and propaganda are designed to promote a “normal narrative” which is crafted to support the “legacy power brokers”.

The ceaseless pounding of “roles/responsibilities/aspirations/ the latest group think” as dictated by the legacy media, installed governing bodies, and peer pressures result in “control/submersion” by subconsciously and consciously wearing down tribal knowledge, memories, experience and unique full spectrum thinking.

For example: If as a biological male one has an instinct to guard, protect and provide but he is told that he is "sexist" for doing so - or as a woman if we have a need to protect, bond and be with our child or children, but are convinced by commercial media (and education curriculums) that "instinct" is bondage and "primitive" and we need to disregard it for career or more 'competitive' goals; these narratives can be persuasive enough to cause both men and women to cut off their instincts and conform to social constructs. They will disregard and frustrate their "natural" and "gut directions”.  They often end up being confused and sometimes will hide their intuition from others so as not to appear "divergent" or "not cool". They may even capitulate and agree to have their sexual/genital body parts cut out and discarded.

Intuition is an element of instinct

A human being’s capacity to obtain or have direct knowledge and/or immediate insight, without necessarily using observation or reason is often described as a “feeling”.  A strong "gut feeling" can aid or change your decision-making process. It may seem to go against reasoned plans or outward signs of conventional constructs, yet it can lead to originality, pioneering, exploration and victories. But that true “gut feeling” is not one programmed by others. It is unique to that human being’s ancestry, family, environment, experience and state of health/consciousness.

However, intuition is often denigrated in formal science, in the politically correct bubbles, and in conventional literature.  Jokes are made about "women's intuition"-for example-as if it should never be given credence.

Taken to extremes, most elements of human life can be twisted and re-formed to be aberrant.  The “survival instinct” can be hammered in certain training and threatening situations to bring out what is termed the "killer instinct" or the predatory behavior we see in serial killers, in bloodlust behavior, or in business when no regard is paid to the humanity of those around you.

Stepping up the ladder of success by stomping on the backs of others or "killing" your competition is referred to as having the "killer instinct". This trait is lauded as part of achieving success in many societies. The psycho linguistics of a language and the violence in the choice of adjectives and verbs is a clue to the agendas of those controlling the “narratives” of a society. It is also the creator of stereotypes.


“Thunder Skin” from Mortal Combat-illustration/avatar for the “Killer Instinct”-fiercely attractive, ruthless, mission driven, lusting for battle, conquering “hero”

The "instinct to reproduce" can be roused to an extreme level where rape and violence in sexual activity, devoid of compassion or love, is part of accepted gang, war and predatory conduct. Media can be one of the factors pressing on the neurological/hormonal buttons of some individuals and driving them to commit criminal actions because their social instincts have been perverted from connection to coercion. Virtual sex and kill games on screens generate the same “emotions” and physiological response in our bodies as the actual act…or so some research indicates.

Self preservation instincts can be subverted, thwarted and twisted to turn on the self in mutilation, self medication with toxic substances and even self murder...suicide.

The reporter and social commentator Paul Joseph Watson, presents this starkly in one of his videos - I suggest you watch this clip, bearing in the mind the terribly tragic statistics and demographics especially in North America and Europe over the past three years.  It is entitled "The Truth About Suicide".  

History has taught us it is easier to control people who no longer can feel their own instincts and have no inkling of intuition.

It is easier to manipulate and denigrate those human beings who no longer feel worthy or feel they have no purpose.  Even an instinct to "rebel" against societal perversions, humiliations  ("toxic masculinity") social media pressures - can actually be healthy, but the signals one's body, mind and spirit are sending...must be acknowledged and acted upon before instincts and intuition are strengthened and consequently empowered.

There is also an instinct in terms of timing and satiety.

Time to finish, since there is enough information for you to chew over…am I right?

Closing with a music video from the group "American Football". This song is entitled: "My Instincts Are The Enemy ".      

In plain sight-social engineering using a multicultural landscape. Keep alert!

Stay healthy and learn to listen/feel your own body, your own instincts and ask yourself if the impulses are coming from direct experience, past experience of past media ingestion (a film, TV show, podcast, book) or from an unknown source. Be discerning is my guidance for this week.

From Texas with gratitude,


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