For those unfamiliar with the murky spirals and jargon of intel communities, I will explain that "INT"-usually in capital letters, is short for "intelligence" as in gathering, collecting, surveillance activities.

A sampling of acronyms used as shorthand for describing the means of surveillance/spying are: SIGINT Signal intelligence, HUMINT-Human intelligence, MASINT-Measurement and Signature Intelligence, GEOINT-Geospatial Intelligence, OSINT-Open Source Intelligence, RUMINT-rumors circulating which may or may not contain valuable information to pursue, and the outlier-"Pinwale" which collects Digital Network intelligence-email, social media account data, postings online-from the "5 eyes” or “five eyes" countries i.e. the USA/UK/Canada/Australia/New Zealand.

Some time ago a specified tentacle was created. This was cited as LOVEINT-Love interests intelligence. This category included people who were "of interest" in a profile. These were people who had an “emotional bond” created by family/blood ties, lovers, spouses, extra marital affairs, people who shared secrets, shared trauma, shared oaths. Those who were identified on this "shelf" might be used as leverage against the main person of interest.

LOVEINT was also used at the National Security Agency (NSA aka No Such Agency) when spies wanted to "spy" or use surveillance for personal use or for consulting work, especially in messy divorce proceedings, mergers, blackmail on CEOs, law enforcement officials and pressure on politicians or other people of influence. LOVEINT-similiar to other “INTS” could make use of Pinwale and data from “Five Eyes”. Edward Snowden (whistleblower on the NSA) revealed more about data collection on US citizens when he left the USA.

Five eyes” was formed as a charter after World War II and their associative relationship continues today.

“Five-eyes” is in multiple reports exposing the “Russiagate” hoax, and the plot against President Trump-if you do your deep dive research. While social media platform “Twitter” under the new ownership of Elon Musk is buzzing/tweeting about certain organizations, departments and individuals involved in “influencing” the 2020 election in the USA; it is important to note that the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) was involved using other countries to obscure connections directly to Greg Vogle, who served as the Director of the National Clandestine Service (NCS), and who tried to cover the tracks of CIA involvement/interference in United States elections.

Use of the CIA for “domestic” spying and data collection is still illegal under the original 1947 charter but as the Brennan groups points out in the cited article, “What stops the CIA from poring through the data looking for Americans’ information? Let’s be honest: nothing. The CIA’s internal rules from 2017 say the information sought must be “related to a duly authorized activity of the CIA,” as determined by. . .  the CIA. The FBI has similar rules limiting its searches of data obtained under FISA Section 702. Year after year, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court finds that FBI agents have violated these rules—and that’s when there’s a court actually watching them.

The CIA’s rules also say that CIA officers should document their purpose in running searches for Americans’ information. But according to staff members of the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board, these rules, despite having been finalized five years ago and released with great fanfare, have not yet been “implemented.

Various incarnations of the NCS included the MKULTRA program, and a number of high profile assassinations around the world to give some background to Director Greg Vogle’s purview and power.

Intelligence operatives from British and U.S. intelligence agencies used the global spy network of English speaking countries for political power and advantage and “to closely coordinate their efforts to destroy Donald Trump”. See the links to Serco (UK) and the Clintons.

Greg Vogle worked there “from the time Donald Trump announced he was running for President in 2016, until he was sworn in. He [Vogle} also had to know about the spies planted into the Trump campaign including Carter Page and Paul Manafort who seem to have been extorted into cooperating with the Federal Bureau of Investigation”.

However, it now also appears Vogel may have been running the intelligence side of the sedition plot “to smear and frame” President Trump for alleged “Russian collusion.” The smears were used to set up the impeachment process against then President Donald Trump in a concerted (seditious) effort to oust him from his elected office. 


The most recent all encompassing surveillance program under the FISA court (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance court ) revealed by NSA whistleblower, Edward Snowden, is PRISM. As you may know, Edward Snowden is still living in exile in Russia.

PRISM was authorized by former President George Bush in 2007, with bi partisan support from Senators including Diane Feinstein and the late John McCain. This was all rationalized as part of "our obligation to keep America safe" after the events of September 11, 2001.  Authorization of these surveillance and collection “tools” was ensured under the Patriot Act Section 215.

PRISM is an acronym for: "Planning Tool for Resource Integration, Synchronization, and Management"-Big Brother-not only watching but intercepting, analyzing, filing, archiving and using all the data for algorithm designs which can expand on themselves using AI. The ultimate goal is to no longer need human beings to conduct,scan, collate, analyze and utilize the xtrabytes harvested. Love it, right?!

With all the litigation, investigating committees and public forums in progress and on display in the media; it is instructive to look at some of the "famous names" and who is connected to who in the LOVEINT links.

For example try these names together-Abedin, Clinton, Weiner, Ohr, Podesta, Barsoomian, Rod Rosenstein, Strozk, Page, Mueller, Biden, Pelosi, Cofer Black, and...Bush.  (see pic below)

Oh, what a tangled web they weave, with all the sloppy digital footprints they leave.​  However, what most people don't know or realize is the actual control of all these systems are not managed by any government or bounded by any laws. The communications/net sources,base codes, "keys" to all the back doors on the net, to encryption, licenses, servers, patents are directed and owned by a corporation which is connected to...the Clintons and Jerry C Jones & ENTRUST...which were approved by-you guessed it- Robert Mueller, who was then head of the US FBI.

Northrop Grumman had binding contracts with the FBI, AGILENT Technologies/monopoly and their connection to UK/Serco, the Rose Law firm in Arkansas (Clintons) and NORTEL.

Some of these contracts lead to Ukraine, gas companies, bio labs, NGOs and money laundering. The Biden and Pelosi sons worked with Burisma, Viscoil and Corporate Governance Initiative (CGI in Ukraine but “registered in Arizona”).

Who’s “who” in the…

See below for a few of the connections:


Think the US/UK/CANADA, AUSTRALIA & NZ are far behind China?

They aren't.  While the Chinese government imposes overt controls on their media and citizen voices, our corporations are very effective and insidious with their form of control and censorship.

Witness what is slowly being revealed about just one platform-Twitter.


Corporatocracy refers to the rule or power of mass media corporations to influence the opinions of people using large amounts of wealth controlled by economic corporations.  A number of “Independent” news outlets have been "de-platformed"- a new doublespeak word for censored.

ArtificiaI intelligence (AI-programmed by human beings) "shadow bans" what they have been programmed to identify as “misinformation” or "hate speech" which can be construed and twisted to mean any opinions contrary to/or non-supportive of the corporatocracy narrative or party line.  Since these media giants are all owned by "Democrats" that would be the democratic party line-such as it is these days including socialists, far left and openly communist supporters in their ranks.

Intelligence agencies have admitted placing their “assets” in all media-from Hollywood and Pinewood studio films, to legacy news stations, major print media, bloggers and social media sites. These media platforms have allowed and even encouraged professed pedophiles, satanists, radical jihadis and convicted felons access on their sites. Videos of every sort of violence and sexual perversity are permitted yet they censor non-violent "jokes" and "perspectives" which may challenge what is considered “contrary to the narrative”.

The social engineering agenda is in plain sight for those willing to look.

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